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Richee Mathwin was born on the 26th of March 1982 in the North-Eastern English town of Hartlepool. He is a skilled Director and Editor.

In 2003 he studied for a HND and BSC in Multimedia Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University. He completed his MA in Film at The Northern Film School in Leeds in 2008.

Richee continues to work on his own and others projects splitting his time between film making and voluntary film making schemes. 

As a freelance filmmaker Richee has worked on long and short-form documentaries, short films, live theatre, music videos, adverts for broadcast and web as well as news based factual films.


Film Production
Directing, 1st Assistant Directing, Producing

Post Production
Editing, Colour Grading, Sound Design


"I have to say, I found this a profoundly moving piece that touched me on so many levels, not least of which the superb editing. It's an incredible piece of work that I'm sure you will want to watch repeatedly."

Ginger Wildheart, Musician

"Richee was a pleasure to work with. He has a great range of experience and knowledge as well as a friendly, approachable attitude which put us, the client and the subjects of our films quickly at ease.
He delivered all requested drafts to schedule and reacted well and quickly to feedback."

Anna Ward, Content Developer, National Media Museum

"I found Richee very good to work with – he was reliable, prompt and able to work within tight schedules to deliver the finished product on deadline. He was quick to grasp the nature of different filming projects and was adaptable to changing circumstances and filming opportunities. I also found him very responsive to editorial suggestions at all points during the project. I have always been very happy with the final films created."

Julia Gregg, Press Officer, Opera North

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